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Buying a House in BC

Is it even possible to buy a home in Vancouver? The dream of homeownership in Vancouver might seem far-fetched. Soaring prices and bidding wars make it an expensive and competitive market. But before giving up, it’s essential to arm yourself with knowledge.

The Vancouver real estate scene is competitive, but with the right strategy and experts by your side, your dream can become a reality. This section will guide house buyers through the journey, from securing finances to getting the keys to their new home.

Buying your first home in Vancouver is life-changing. But with a whirlwind of information and a hot market, where do you even begin?

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key takeaways & questions to ask

house buyers - know what matters

Buying a house in British Columbia can be exciting, but being cautious is essential. Drawing on 30 years of real estate experience, we offer a comprehensive guide to help you recognize potential problems that could affect your investment. In this series of articles, you will find important considerations and common issues to be aware of when purchasing a house in BC.

The articles labelled ‘Buying a House’ specifically address common issues related to detached property purchases, which might interest you. For more general advice on purchasing residential real estate in British Columbia, including detached houses, we recommend the articles labelled ‘Buying.’ These offer guidance that applies to various property types in BC.

    • Darius is a fantastic realtor that helped us sell and buy a home. Our Port Coquitlam home sold for $160,000 over the average price of homes in our area! And with his quick and innovative home showcase, we had approximately 1,500 views of our property video before the first showing.

      E. Litwinski

      Helped me buy & sell a number of homes, both condos & detached in Coquitlam and Burnaby. The first one was close to 15 years ago and I felt the process went well. I bought 2 condos and sold 1 plus I sold a house all during COVID period.

      W. Wilkinson

      His proficiency in formulating optimal pricing strategies, rooted in thorough assessments of property value and current market dynamics, is truly remarkable. His ability to factor in location-specific supply and demand dynamics further underscores his expertise. His negotiation skills are equally impressive. He leverages his wealth of knowledge and intelligence, meticulously gathered through his extensive experience.

      J. Nienartowicz

    Frequently asked questions

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    Does a seller pay closing costs in BC?

    The seller is responsible for these costs up until the date of closing. However, if your closing date does not align with the date you typically pay these expenses, you will be responsible for the partial month’s costs. Additionally, additional taxes may be paid, such as the Empty Home Tax and Speculation Tax.

    How does a rescission period work?

    The 3-day recission period allows buyers to rescind a contract to purchase residential real property​ up to 3 business days after an offer is accepted. The three-day period starts the first day after the accepted offer and does not include weekends or recognized holidays. It allows the buyer to walk from the deal for no reason within 3 business days. From day 4 onwards, the buyer can only walk from the deal if subjects are not removed. If rescinded, the buyer must pay the seller 0.25% of the accepted purchase price. The recission period can NOT be waived by the buyer or seller.

    It is important to note that if the offer is conditional with subject clauses to the buyer’s benefit and the buyer does not remove them, the 0.25% fee to the seller DOES NOT APPLY.

    The Vancouver real estate market is high-stakes and can feel fast-paced, highly transactional, and overwhelming. Real estate is inherently personal and not a one-size-fits-all solution. We understand that you deserve the best representation to achieve your goals seamlessly. Take control of your future today.

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