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Port Moody is the “City of the Arts” and has a thriving art and culture scene. The city has attracted artists for generations due to its scenic setting and traditionally lower rents than other areas. To embrace this legacy, Port Moody has art groups, festivals, and facilities. Belcarra and Anmore are two villages in Port Moody. It wraps around the eastern end of Burrard Inlet, with neighbourhoods rising from the water to the mountains. Port Moody is the smallest city in the Tri-Cities.

Coquitlam MLS® HPI Benchmark Prices

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MLS HPI Benchmark Price Explained
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    Sales-to-Active-Listing Ratio Explained

    Where does your neighbourhood rank in Coquitlam?

    Discover the fastest-selling neighbourhoods in Coquitlam by evaluating each area’s demand, measured by competitive bids over the asking price and average selling price.

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    RankSubarea% Sold Above List% Sold Under 10 Days$ Avg. Sale PriceActive Listings

    How is the Coquitlam market?

    The graph below charts the historical Average Sale Price and Days on the Market over three years. 

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    What is MLS® HPI benchmark price?

    The MLS® HPI Benchmark Prices represent the expected sales price for a typical or “Benchmark” home in a given neighbourhood.

    The MLS® HPI considers what averages and medians do not: lot size, age, number of rooms, etc. The most commonly traded set of these attributes describes the composite of the typical or benchmark property type in a given area. Prices paid for homes with these attributes determine benchmark home prices.

    How to interpret the sales to new listings ratio?

    The sales-to-active listings ratio measures supply and demand by comparing the total supply of homes for sale to sales during the month.

    The terms buyers’ markets, sellers’ markets, and balanced markets describe the state of the real estate market in terms of the pressure it puts on home prices. A buyers’ market occurs when the sales-to-active listings ratio falls below 12%, indicating that more homes are available than buyers are looking for. On the other hand, a sellers’ market occurs when this ratio exceeds 20% for a sustained period, indicating more buyers than homes available. Finally, a balanced market occurs when the ratio falls between these two values, indicating that the market is relatively stable and has a roughly equal number of homes and buyers.